Why Concierge?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Why Concierge?

When opening a Chiropractic office in Southlake, Texas, I was concerned with how I was going to create an identity that would separate my office from other offices. I looked up similar services in my area and found that most were open Monday thru Thursday, and a half-day on Friday.

For myself, it is not convenient to take off work in the middle of a workday. My thought was, "What if I offered my services any time, 7 days a week?". With that, of course, one would think of all the inconveniences that would personally introduce. Then I thought, "If visits were by appointment only, I would still be in control of my schedule, opening the schedule to multiple options for my patients." I also thought, "If patients had greater access, would I need to bill insurance for services, or would the value of convenience, and personal attention, necessitate the expense of insurance billing?". Interesting.

Many companies like Amazon are taking over retail shopping by giving people exactly what they want. You can shop at home for just about anything, and it's delivered to you, often without shipping charges.

How awesome!

While that may be "awesome", there are rising concerns. Some believe that as they become more popular, smaller local stores may not be able to compete, and eventually close. They ultimately fear that once everyone is "all in" with Amazon, the products they love will dwindle down to limited purchasing choices. The same concern was shared with the rise of Walmart.

While change is imminent, that does not necessarily make it worse for the small business owner.

Back to Concierge. "Concierge means Convenience"

When you give someone what they are looking for, are you going to struggle in business?

If you open a restaurant, and serve awful food, have bad service, and serve small portions, will you be successful? What do your customers say? Honestly?

They are, after all, paying the bill.

Implement Concierge in Your Business

Here's what I did, and I believe this will be helpful as you think about your business.

Think about who you serve, and what their needs or expectations are.

From this, develop a philosophy that your company can stand by.

For my business, there are three things that separate us from other offices in our area.

1. "One doctor, One patient, One at a Time

Patients experience greater, more rapid improvement when working directly with the doctor. Everything at Chiro.Studio is hands-on, direct care, accompanied by specialized techniques, experience, training, and advice."

Unlike large online businesses, connecting directly with your customer base means better understanding their needs while building a relationship of trust.

What value is it for the customer to have direct access to your expertise?

2. "Care Where You Are

Whether you see us at our office, we see you in your home, office, club, or where ever you are, we extend to you the highest level of care. When you partner with Chiro.Studio, we will be there for you."

Not all of my patients may feel comfortable coming to a busy office. They may not be able to get to the office due to their pain. They may feel they are too busy to add another thing to their schedule.

When you are available to see them where they are, you are making it possible for them to benefit from your service.

3. "Care When you Need It

Concierge means Convenience. Our extended hours, and weeknight and weekend care assures that when you have a busy schedule, a surprise injury, or require privacy, we make time for you."

Would the customer in your area benefit from having more access to you when he or she needs it?


"Their son "Johnny", gets hurt on Saturday during a baseball tournament. They want him to receive care but will have to wait till Monday, take off work and him off school, and go to their doctor who may not have same-day availability."

As your customer, they can call or text you in advance. You can meet them at their home, or at your office. "Johnny" can get the care he needs, when he needs it.

Looking outside the box, having confidence in your product or service, and working towards filling the needs of those you serve will help to grow a new or already successful business.

Financial considerations for added services may mean that you increase the price for the additional advice, after-hours service, or your direct expertise.

Do you believe that directly working with a client, giving them your time, expertise, and convenience, can potentially save them money while reducing your personal overhead and increasing your bottom line?

Consider your business, putting yourself in your customers' shoes.

Dr. Chris Tupper

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