When a Sport Isn't Fun?

By Dr. Chris Tupper

I have 6 children. Three of my girls played softball at an early age. How many weekends did we spend, traveling to different cities for their tournaments? While it was fun to see them play, up to 5 games in one day in the hot Texas sun was difficult. By the end of a tournament, they were exhausted.

On one occasion my oldest daughter was in a tournament. While there were usually two pitchers available, she was the only pitcher on her team that day. It was not a good day for her. She was struggling to get the ball over the plate. When the ball was in play, her team committed multiple errors. She, to my great sorrow, was on the mound for over 30 minutes. A ten year old pitching over and over. I felt so bad for her.

Today, my youngest son is in wrestling and football. His team often has something happening over the weekend. I think about what happens when his peers are injured at a meet, and everyone they count on for their healthcare is unavailable.

I'm being facetious when I say that sports aren't always fun. Sports are fun, but injuries are not. Nor are they convenient.

When I opened my office in Southlake, I decided I must have 7 day availability.

If you come home after a tournament, and do not get back until 9pm, I will see your injured player that night. We can meet at the office, or in your home. It's at your convenience.

Injuries are never convenient, but your healthcare can be.

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